Pool in St. Yriex-la-Perche
(15 min. from the campsite)


  • Indoor pool 325 m2
  • 24m water slide
  • paddling pool for children
  • outdoor pool 203 m2


  • Participation is possible from 6 years
  • The archery takes place in the woods
  • No more than 10 people per group

Euro 6,- per person

Gold digging in the river

  • The location where the gold digging takes place, will be picked out by the guide
  • Participation is possible from 6 years
  • There’s a maximum of 6 persons per group

Euro 15,00 per person

Donkey rides

Just outside the Camp Grounds, about 7 kilometres drive you can find a Donkey farm.

Special Activities are organised every Thursday during the Summer for both Dutch and English children.Apon arrival of the farm, tours will be provided where ones can experience donkey rides and enjoying pancakes together.

Rock face climbing

  • The rock face climbing takes place at the Gorges de l’Isle (at the castle downwards)
  • Participation is possible from 6 year
  • There’s a maximum of 10 persons per group

Euro 8,00 per person

Excursion goatfarm/ cheese maker

Every Wednesday afternoon from 4.00 till 6.00 pm. At this excursion you will be introduced to life on the farm, you will get a tour, you will witness the milking and there will be a product tasting.

  • Participation is possible from 3 years
  • Maximum 12 persons per group
  • Departure from the camp site at 3.45 pm

Euro 1,00 per person

Jumilhac-le-grand : hiking area

From the campsite there are beautiful marked walks to explore. You will be guided over rivers and beautiful viewpoints. Hiking maps of the area are available at the front desk.