August 2017


Inspection ***


This summer the campsite was re-inspected by the French government. Every 5 years, it is compulsory to request a check to see if the campsite meets the requirements, in our case, whether we can keep the three stars. Fortunately, we had enough “points” to buy a new “plate” again, valid until 2022, with the three stars.


September 2017


Request camping eco-label


In our 26-year career as camping owners we are increasingly watching the impact of the campsite on the environment. The campsite is in a protected nature area. We feel co-responsible for the conservation and protection thereof. For example, we have installed solar panels for the heating of the water in the sanitary building, we pump water from the ground to flush all the toilets in the sanitary facilities and mobile homes. We use cleaning products with an ecolabel. The toilet paper has been recycled and the garbage from the campsite tries to separate as much as possible. We have the possibility to give lefts overs to the pigs, chickens and goats.

This summer we reported to the camping eco label “la clef verte” (the green key). Following a questionnaire with 163 questions and an inspector visit, we hope to be accepted by this label in December.


October 2017


18000 M2 extra space


On October 17, we signed the property documents with the local notary for 1.8 ha of land adjacent to the campsite. We are very happy with it because it is a beautiful plot right on the river. We will not increase the campsite (number of places). Well, let’s open this piece to our guests. We think of building a soccer field, picnic tables, etc.

30 November 2017

 Today we received the good news that we have received the sustainability label “La Clef Verte”.

The international hallmark for environmentally friendly companies in the tourism and recreation sector. Companies with this ecolabel distinguish themselves by consciously dealing with energy, the environment, without compromising on comfort or quality.